Watermark Filter

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014 10:48AM PDT
Here is the work flow for adding a watermark in Squeeze using the Watermark filter:
1 - Make a filter set by clicking the [+] in the Filters window. You can also edit an existing filter set by clicking one of the filter presets.

2 - Check the watermark filter

3 - Choose the "Watermark Image File"

4 - Set the Opacity, Feathering, Position, and Scale (if different than 100%)
Note: Make sure the A/B (After/Before) slider in the Preview window is all the way over to the right so you can see your watermark file if it is on the right side of the frame.
5 - Set your filter name and click "OK" to save the filter set.

6 - Apply the filter set to the format preset in the Jobs window.

Watermark Filter

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