DVD Publishing

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2014 04:09PM PDT
Squeeze makes it easy to burn a DVD by following these steps:

1. Import your video by clicking the "Import File" button in the Input Options window.

2. In the Presets window go to the Discs tab then the DVD folder and expand the Elementary Streams folder. Choose one of the presets with "Burn" in the title such as "DVD Disc Burn (NTSC, ES)"

3. Add your DVD burn preset to your job

4. Add Chapter markers if desired by choosing the Chapter marker type from the drop down menu, moving the red play head to the frame you want your chapter to start on (you can move back and forth using the arrow keys) then hit the "M" key on your keyboard or click the marker button to add a Chapter marker.

5. Put a blank DVD in your DVD burner.

6. Press the "Squeeze It!" button

Your file will then be compressed and burned to a DVD.

ISO Disc Image for use with Third-Party Disc Burning Software

You can also use a preset with an "ISO" name such as "DVD ISO Image (NTSC, ES)" to make an .ISO file. An .ISO file can be burned to a blank DVD from most DVD burning programs such as these free programs:
Image Burn (for PC)

Burn (for Mac)

DVD Authoring Program

You can also create DVD compatible MPEG-2 video files for use with a third-party DVD authoring program such as DVD Studio Pro or Adobe Encore. DVD authoring programs allow you to create menus and add extra features to your DVD that are not available inside of Squeeze.

Here are some presets made for use with a DVD authoring program. They will create a .m2v (MPEG-2 video) and a .ac3 (A52 audio - also known as Dolby Digital) files.

Note: You can re-name the .m2v file with a .mpg file extension if your authoring program will not import the .m2v file.

DVD Authoring (NTSC, ES) 4x3
DVD Authoring (NTSC, ES) 16x9

Additional Presets

You can download more DVD burn Squeeze preset .spfx files here:
NTSC 16:9 aspect ratio DVD
NTSC 4:3 aspect ratio DVD

To import a preset go to the Presets menu near the top of the screen and choose "Import..." and import the .spfx file. Place it in the Discs > DVD > Elementary streams folder.

Note: If your browser re-names the preset file an .xml file delete this file extension so it is a .spfx file.
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