Managed API - Get Transcode Job Status

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:18PM PST
Use this method to check the status of an existing transcoding job.

Method: GET

Path: /transcode_jobs/:transcode_job_id


Date: date

Authorization: <account_id>:<token>

Header Values:
  • transcode_job_id: The unique identifier of an existing transcoding job
Required Parameters: n/a

Optional Parameters: n/a

The following values will be returned by the server:
  • time_submitted: The time (in GMT) at which the job was submitted via the Perform Transcode Job action
  • time_started: The time (in GMT) at which the server actively commenced processing the job (began downloading source asset)
  • time_finished: The time (in GMT) at which the server finished processing the job (finished uploading encoded asset)
  • transcode_job_status: An integer value that represents the following phases of transcoding:
  • 1 : Waiting for the server to begin the job
  • 2 : Retrieving the source file from its storage location
  • 3 : Transcoding the source file
  • 4 : Uploading the output file to its storage destination
  • 6 : An error has occured
  • 100 : The job is done
  • transcode_job_status_description: A textual description of the transcode_job_status field; note that the value of the percent_complete field will cycle from 0 to 100 several times before the entire job is done (to ensure that your transcoding job is completed, check that both status and percent_complete are set to 100)
  • preset_uri: The URI of the preset used in the transcoding job
  • preset_id: The unique identifier of your Squeeze Server preset used in the transcoding job, if any
  • source_asset_id: The unique identifier of the source asset used in the transcoding job
  • status: Result of the request; will be set to either "success" or "failure"
  • message: A text field describing the error, if any
  • percent_complete: A percentage value that quantifies the progress of the current phase of transcoding, for example: when status =2 and percent_complete =90, the server is 90% done with the 2nd phase of transcoding.
CURL Request Format:
curl -s<transcode_job_id> -X get -u <account_id>:<token>
Sample JSON Response: {
"time_submitted": "2010-09-1717:31:59",
"time_started": "2010-09-1717:32:07",
"time_finished": "2010-09-1717:33:32",
"transcode_job_status": 100,
"percent_compete": 100.0,
"transcode_job_status_description": "Published",
"preset_uri": "<...omittedforbrevity...>",
"preset_id": "",
"source_asset_id": "2b985bfa42605s4bba",
"status": "success",
"message": ""
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