Preferences Options

Last Updated: May 15, 2014 12:00PM PDT
The Preferences will allow you to customize many options in Squeeze. It is located under Edit > Preferences on a PC and under Squeeze menu > Preferences on a Mac.

General tab

Player Window Options
  • Timcode format - You can either have the right-most part of the timecode be frames or 100ths of a second
  • Crop options - Choose to see the crop value in the margins You can also choose the crop marks color as well as the background for the Player window

Job Window Options
  • Choose to have to confirm deleting items from Jobs window
  • Choose to show full job tree showing all options and thumbnail of video when compression is done
  • Choose the audio output device for previewing file

Audio Alerts
  • Choose to hear a sound when a encoding job is done
  • Choose to hear a sound when a encoding job fails
Preset Options
  • Double Click to edit Preset Settings - This allows you to open the preset options window by double clicking on the preset name.
  • Display Audience Preset Details - Checking this will show the video and audio codecs, as well as filter and publishing options that are part of your preset when you add a preset to your source files in the Jobs window
  • Display Job and Source Settings - Checking this option will show details for your Job and Source file in the Jobs window when making a job and adding a source file.

Output tab

Output file location - Save encoded files to default location (same as where source file is) or to a custom folder. For more information see Change the Squeeze Output Directory

Output file format
  • Source file + preset name - Choosing this option will have your final output be the name of your source file with the name of the preset appended to end
  • Custom/ Advanced: You can customize a prefix and/or suffix of custom ten characters. You can also choose the order of three of the following options:
                  - Source File Name
                  - Preset Name
                  - Underscore
                  - Hyphen
                  - Period
          An example of your customization will appear below the suffix box
          *Note: This will not work with Watch Folders. Watch folders will always create file name using the
          Source file + preset name option unless encountering a file with same name in which it will create
          a unique file name (see below)

When Trying to Overwrite an Existing File - You can choose what Squeeze does when trying to overwriting a file
  • Prompt me - Squeeze will ask you what to do each time
  • Create a unique file name - Squeeze will add a number to the end of your file name
  • Always overwrite existing file - Squeeze will replace existing file with newly created file
        *Note: This will not work with Watch Folders - Watch folders will always create a unique file name

Default Metadata - You can set the "Encoded By" metadata tag here 

Plugins tab

You can enable VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-ins here. The SoundSoap SM is the only VST plug-in designed to work with Squeeze (7 and earlier) but you may be able to select other VST plug-ins installed on your machine. Once selected they will be available for use in Filter set.

Avid Users will be able to activate the MP3 Plug-in here. For more information on the MP3 plug-in see this article: MP3 plugin activation.

Monitoring tab

Choose to have Squeeze prompt you on an error. When checked this option will make Squeeze pause encoding when encountering an error. You can also choose to have Squeeze keep a log of any errors encountered.

To enable Remote Monitoring see this article: Remote Monitoring.

On this tab you can also choose to see the Welcom Screen when starting Squeeze or other warning messages for Avid codec setting, Squeeze Server publishing, and filter color space.

Advanced tab

Compression System Load - Choose how much of your system's resources you would like Squeeze to utilize. Set it all the way to "Heavy" for maximum use of CPU and memory. Set it all the way to the left to "Light" to have Squeeze only render one file at a time with as little resources as are needed.

Automatically apply a global filter to every compression - This allow you to choose a filter set to apply globally to every compression. By default this is set to apply the "Auto Crop Deinterlace" filter set.

Enable alpha channel preview - You can enable the alpha channel preview if your source file has an alpha channel. This only applies when using an FLV preset using the On2 VP6 codec and with the "Compress Alpha Channel" option checked in the preset settings.

Default Aspect Ratio - You can set the default Aspect Ratio here so that all source files are imported at a specific aspect ratio. This is useful if the aspect ratio tag on your source files is incorrect or unreadable by Squeeze.

You can set the default reader (decoder or group of decoders) to open your source files. For more information about setting a new default reader see: Adding a New Default Reader

GPU tab

Here you can see the CUDA card(s) and settings Squeeze can detect on your system and set the nVida CUDA GPU H.264 acceleration options.

You can see if your nVidia CUDA card works with Squeeze (you will see that the video card in the above example does not).

Use CPU to do compression if GPU is unavailable - You can choose to have the CPU do compressions if the GPU is not available.

You can choose to have Squeeze prompt you every time you use a Main Concept H.264 preset three options. 
Never use GPU - Squeeze will always use only your CPU
Always use GPU - Squeeze will always use your CUDA card GPU for every H.264 encode
Pormpt me - Squeeze will ask if you want to use GPU encoding every time you add a preset with a H.264 codec

For more information on GPU accelerations in Squeeze see here.

Server tab

Here you can enter the information of your Squeeze Server instance so Squeeze Desktop can use the encoding engine and resources of your Squeeze Server instance to encode your file.
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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