Server API - Watch Folders Overview

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:20PM PST
Watch folders allow you to place source media files in a storage location such as an FTP site or Amazon S3 and have Squeeze Server automatically detect new and changed files, compress these files and place the results where you want them.

When Squeeze Server sees new files in a watch folder, it creates jobs for each of the files that it finds. Your Squeeze Server installations will then process these jobs normally. Your original files remain where they are.

Squeeze Server will not move or delete them, nor will Squeeze Server process the same file again. You do not need to manually clean out your watch folders, and you can easily re-encode a file by “touching,” or updating its date and time to the current date and time. Squeeze Server will see it as a new or updated file and create a new job for it.

Watch Folders APIs
Configuring Watch Folders
Create Watch Folder
Get Watch Folder
Get Watch Folders
Update Watch Folder
Watch Folder Sources
Get Watch Folder Source
Get Watch Folder Sources
Create Watch Folder Source
Update Watch Folder Source
Delete Watch Folder Source
Watch Folder Destinations
Get Watch Folder Destination
Get Watch Folder Destinations
Create Watch Folder Destination
Update Watch Folder Destination
Delete Watch Folder Destination
Watch Folder Presets
Get Watch Folder Preset
Get Watch Folder Presets
Create Watch Folder Preset
Update Watch Folder Preset
Delete Watch Folder Preset
Delete Watch Folder
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