Squeeze Stream Player Customization

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014 02:13PM PST
You can create your own customized player on the Players tab in Squeeze Stream.

Customized Players

Here is a overview of the features you can customize:

Player Style
You can choose from two player styles for single videos, one with a static control bar and one with a floating control bar that fades out during playback. You can also choose a playlist player style.

You can choose from three skin types:
  • Classic - A clean simple classic style with simple shapes
  • Modern -A minimalist style with more line than fill
  • Blogger - A blocky style with larger icons

  • Play/Pause - Button to start and stop your media file
  • Scrubber - Viewers can use to skip back and forth by dragging the play-head along the timeline
  • Time - The duration viewed and total duration of video. The duration viewed updates in real time.
  • Mute - Button to completely disable audio
  • Volume - Slider to adjust volume level
  • Fullscreen - Button to go into full screen view. Press 'Esc' button to exit full screen.
  • Embed Code - HTML code viewers can paste on their website to show others your video
  • Share - Link to a permalink page where your video can be viewed. This can be changed to your own website by following these steps: http://forum.sorensonmedia.com/forum...ur-Own-Webpage
  • Facebook - Post a link to the video to your Facebook feed
  • Closed Captioning - Enable closed captions for your videos. You must upload a closed caption file to the video detail page for this option to work for your videos. For more information on closed captioning see this article here: http://forum.sorensonmedia.com/forum...ioning-360-CMS

Choose a color for the different parts of your player window
  • Background Color - The color of the background behind your video. This will usually load before the reset of your video and in most cases is usually left black.
  • Control Bar - Change the colors of the control bar and icons
  • Gradients -Change the level of gradients of the background and control bar to give your player a different look

  • Control Bar Height - Change the size (in pixels) of the control bar
  • Control Bar Background Opacity - Change the level of opacity of the control bar from 1 (full opacity) to 0 (invisible).
  • Autoplay - Have your video begin playing as soon as it loads
  • Show play overlay - Show or hide the large play button in the middle of the frame before playback

Logo Options
  • Upload Logo - Find a jpg, png, or swf file to use as your logo.
  • Logo link - Enter a URL address which people will be sent to when clicking on your logo.
  • Logo Position - Choose which corner to place your logo in.
  • Display time - Choose how long you want the logo to remain on the screen.
  • Opacity- Choose if you want your logo to be transparent, and if so, by how much.

You can also create a Squeeze Stream playlist  To create a new playlist for your Squeeze Stream videos follow these steps:
  • Go to your Videos page on the Squeeze Stream website
  • Click the [+] at the bottom of the sidebar on your Videos page to create a new folder
  • Enter a name for your new folder/playlist
  • Add videos from your main Videos list to the folder
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