Stitching Multiple Sources Together

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 04:55PM PDT
Squeeze Server 4 will now let you stitch common files together and export as a singular output file. No more need to open your files in a NLE program just to export a single source.

Follow these steps to combine multiple source files in Squeeze Server 4:
  1. Create a new Watch Folder and check the box labeled "Merge multiple videos or image sequences with sequential file names into one output within a folder under the watchfolder source directory "
  2. Specify your Source Location
    • Your common files you intent to stitch together will need to be 2 folders deep (e.g. stitch > multiFile > IMG, you would then create the Watch Folder to direct to the folder named "stitch" in this example. Server then scans the folders within this directory and searches for files that are sequentially named. This allows for encoding multiple sets of common sequential files.
    • Files contained within the folder need to be sequentially named for Squeeze to recognize the sequence (e.g. IMG, IMG, IMG, etc.)
    • The following file name example will not work;,,, etc. - Squeeze needs all files in the Sequence to share a prefix
  3. Select your desired Preset(s)
  4. Specify your Destination Location
  5. Create Watch Folder

Note: When using this feature you must be very careful that all of your "common files" are truly common, Squeeze will not compress them if it detects differences in the properties of the files.
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