Source File Information Dialog Window

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2016 05:45PM PDT
In an effort to give you more control over source files in Squeeze 11 the Squeeze Desktop team has added the "Inspect Source Information" dialog. This new feature gives you more information on your source file, how Squeeze is reading it, what Reader is being used, Frame Size, Audio Sample Rate and number of Channels. This feature also gives you the control to change how Squeeze thinks about some aspects of your source file, Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, and Color Space (RGB & YUV 709).

To use the source file info dialog box follow these steps:
  1. Launch Squeeze Desktop 11
  2. Import your source file
  3. Once the file has imported, Right-Click the file in the Squeeze Desktop Batch Window
  4. Select the option Source > Inspect Source Info...
  5. You will now be looking at the Inspect Source Information dialog
  6. You can see how Squeeze is currently reading your source file, and you can now make changes if you feel the Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, or Color Space should be altered
  7. Click OK to save any changes you have made
  8. You will be warned that any changes you made could affect items in the Batch Window, you can click OK or even check the box to make sure it doesn't warn you about this again in the future
  9. Your output file(s) for this source will now react to the changes you made about the source file, giving you more control over how your files are encoded
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