What's New in Squeeze Server 4

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 05:40PM PDT
Here is a list of the new features in Squeeze Server 4:


Sequenced Still Image Files (.jpg & .tif)
To help support the growing number of camera and mobile devices that have the option to export video out as individual frames in the form of a sequence of image files (i.e. Time Lapse footage), Squeeze 11 provides the ability to import "Sequenced Image Files" in the form of .jpg or .tif files.

Multi-Track Audio (.mov)
Squeeze 11 has implemented support for .MOV source files that contain multiple audio tracks and allows you to encode those tracks when exporting to MOV or MP4 output files. The most common workflow requested with this feature is multi-language track support but can be used in other scenarios as well.

Multi-Source Stitching
Have you ever had multiple files that you need to stitch into a single output file but pulling them into an NLE is overkill? Squeeze Server 4 will now let you stitch common files together and export as a
singular output file.


XDCAM in MXF Format
Squeeze Server 4 has added support for exporting MXF with an additional Operational Pattern, the OP1a operational pattern. This operational pattern may include multiple tracks of audio and video that are interleaved into a single file, creating a self contained file. OP1a files can be exported by creating an MXF preset and selecting one of the three XDCAM Format Constraints.

Removal of output framerate restrictions
Squeeze Desktop has always been a tool that focused on being powerful, flexible, and simple to use. In Squeeze Desktop 11 we have implemented the ability for you to export our output file at a frame rate that is greater than your source frame rate. This is done by strategically duplicating frames, allowing you to meet your file requirements while maintaining the quality of your video.

Improved 4K export (expanded 64-bit support)
As 4K and UHD video becomes more and more common in our everyday video workflows, we find increasing importance for 64bit processing and system memory usage. In Squeeze Desktop 11 we have expanded our 64bit support to help your system handle the increased memory needs for processing content of these new frame sizes and data rates. 64bit encoding will slow down the encode time so it should only be used when necessary if you are worried about a job's throughput, but when you are doing the heavy lifting, working with 4K and UHD content, 64bit is the only way to go.

Updated Codecs (x264, H.264, VP9, x265)
At Sorenson Media we always strive to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in encoding technology, Squeeze Desktop 11 is no different. We have updated the codecs that you already know and love, to bring you faster and more efficient encoding.
Thumbnail Generation Pre/Post Watermark Insertion 
We are always working to make Squeeze Server more flexible for our customers, in Squeeze Server 4 we now give you the option to generate the Thumbnail image before or after the Watermark has been burned onto your output file, allowing you to decide if your Thumbnail image should include your Watermark image or not.
Expanded API Thumbnail Support 
Option to Enable/Disable thumbnail generation can be set via the API on Job Creation 


High Bit-Depth Dithering Filter (Truncate, Triangular, and Bayer Ordered)
Squeeze Desktop is the tool for anybody that needs to encode video and one of the features new to Squeeze Desktop 11 is High Bit-Depth Dithering. Dithering is required when you are working with High Bit-Depth Color, such as 10-bit color, and exporting as 8bit color. Dithering will automatically smooth over the color variations and banding that occurs during this color conversion, resulting in a great looking output file. Our new Dithering Filter helps you get the job done. To add even more flexibility to your encoding choices, you will find three different dithering methods to solve your dithering needs:
  • Truncate
  • Triangular
  • Bayer Ordered
All of these dithering methods do a great job and work fast, the choice often comes down to personal preference for your individual job.

Text Watermark
New to Squeeze Server 4 is the Text Watermark filter, giving you a simple way to quickly watermark your output content and make sure viewers know who encoded or created the file.

Third Party Compatibility

Avid ISIS support
Squeeze Server 4 will have the ability to use Avid ISIS as a source and destination when creating jobs and watch folder. The Squeeze Server client web app allows the user to select a Location Type of "Avid ISIS Network Share".The Squeeze Server API allows the user to specify an isis unc path. It uses a non-standard (our own) scheme to indicate that the share is an isis share. EX: isis://server/share/foo/bar.mp4
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