HTML 5 Presets

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2014 03:32PM PDT
HTML 5 is the latest version of the language used by web browsers. Previously a plug-in, such as Flash or Silverlight, would be needed to play video. With HTML 5 a new <video> tag allows videos to be directly linked and played natively inside a web browser, just like how images are linked with the <img> tag.

In Squeeze 9 and 10 you can make HTML 5 video output. This will not only make you an HTML 5 compatible video, in an MP4 and WebM format, but also will make an HTML 5 document with the required <video> tag. You can then simply upload these files to your web server (make sure they are all in the same folder) and then your video will be viewable to any HTML 5 compatible browser.

HTML 5 video is supported in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 and higher. Internet Explorer 8, and lower, do NOT support HTML 5 video. Fortunately Squeeze 9 HTML5 preset will also make you a Flash player file (.SWF file) which you can also place on your server for browsers which don't support HTML5

Here are steps to make an HTML 5 output with Squeeze 9 and 10:

1 - Import your source file

2 - Select your HTML 5 preset

3 - Apply it to your source file in the Jobs window.

    3a - You can edit the preset if needed

4 - Click Squeeze It! to compress your file.

5 - Squeeze will create five output files. An MP4 file, a WebM file, a thumbnail image, an HTML file, and a backup SWF file for Flash.

Upload these files to your web server.

6 - If you open the HTML document in an HTML 5 compliant web browser, you can play your video.

If the files are on a web server, anyone who links to your HTML document can view your video.

7 - You can also open the HTML file in an editor and copy or edit the code.

*Note: The "Your browser does not support the video tag." text will only appear in web browsers that do not support HTML5 video.
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