Player Window

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2013 02:55PM PST
The Player Window allows you to play and preview your video project prior to encoding and publishing.

Controls for playing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding your movie are available here. You also have the options for viewing your project in different sizes, cropping, defining in and out points, and more. The different components of the preview window are detailed below.

Squeeze Player Window

1) Aspect
  • Choose what Aspect you want your source file to be
  • This is for the source - not necessarily the output which is dictated by the preset settings used
  • Custom ratio will allow you to put the ratio number (width divided by height)

2) Crop
  • Apply a crop to your video
  • When using an aspect ratio your crop box will stay within the aspect ratio specified
  • Unconstrained will allow you to set the crop to each side independently
  • Custom ratio will keep ratio within the aspect you define

3) Zoom
  • Choose what zoom rate you want to preview your video at.
  • This does not effect the encoding of your file

4) Pop-out/Pop-in
  • Pop the Player Preview window out of (and back into) the Squeeze window into it's own window.
  • This is useful when using two monitors

5) Tools
  • You can select the Crop tool, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Color Checker (RGB and pixel location), and the Mover tool
  • Use the Color Checker to get pixel perfect RGB information on your source file
  • The Mover hand tool is good for moving the image around if you are zoomed in

6) A/B (After/Before) slider
  • When Filters window is open will give you a preview (on the After side) of what the filter set will do to your image

7) Preview Video
  • Play back your source video file

8) Timeline
  • Play head shows location of current frame on the timeline
  • Left time output shows location of play head in timeline
  • Right time output shows total duration of source file

9) Markers
  • You can add several kinds of Markers
  • Thumbnail - Choose which frame will act as your poster frame for your video on Sorenson 360
  • Video Still - Squeeze will export a .jpg file at the point of this marker (one per source file)
  • Key Frame - Forces a new keyframe (FLV only)
  • Chapter Marker - Sets a new location for a chapter when making a DVD
  • Click the "M" key on the keyboard to set your marker at the play head position.

10) Play Controls
  • Click Play button to preview your source file.
  • Rewind one frame with Left Arrow buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard. Go forward one frame with Right Arrow key.
  • To set an In Point at the play head position click the "I" key on your keyboard. You can also set an Out Point by clicking the "O" key.
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