Job Window

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2014 12:48PM PST
The Job Window lists your source file(s) as well as all the Presets, Filters, Publishing Options, and Notifications you have added to your project. Also displayed in the Job Window are in-and-out points, markers, and any edits (such as cropping) you have applied to your source file in the Preview Window. In other words, the Job Window serves as a "drop zone" for all the ingredients you want to apply to a given encoding project.

Items in the Job Window hierarchy can appear differently based upon the order in which you've applied them and/or the specific location that you've dragged and dropped them. For example, if you apply a Preset to the Job Window prior to importing a source file, the Preset will appear as a Global Job Setting in the Job Window. This means that any source files subsequently added to the Job Window will inherit the global settings, relieving you from the need to repetitively apply the same Preset to multiple source files. Conversely, if you import a source file first and then apply a Preset specifically to that source file, the Preset will appear as a Local Settings that affects only that source file.

The Job Window is divided into three columns: Settings, Destination, Engine, and Progress.

The Settings column displays the name of your job, the source file, and any Presets, Filters, Publishing Options, or Notification that have been applied.

The Destination column displays the local output path and file name. You can change the destination for the items in your Job Window at any time by double-clicking in the Destination field next to the item.

The engine column shows if you are using a Local (Squeeze Desktop) engine or a Squeeze Server instance as the rendering engine.

The contents of the Progress column are different during each phase of an encoding process: before compression, during compression, and after compression.

Prior to compression, the progress bar indicates that the project is “Ready” for compression. A checkbox appears to the right of the progress bar. By default the checkbox is checked, meaning that the job is activated and ready to be encoded. Un-checking this box tells Squeeze to skip that particular job when compressing the project.

During compression, the progress bar fills to indicate how much of the encoding job has completed. The progress bar also displays an estimate of the time remaining to encode the file.

After compression, the Squeeze It! button becomes inactive. To reactivate the button, you can click on the refresh arrows on the completed preset. You can also re-upload to Sorenson 360 or any publishing setting you are using by using the refresh button.
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