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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014 09:59AM PDT
A Watch Folder is a folder Squeeze proactively monitors, or "watches", for source files. When a source file is added to a Watch Folder, Squeeze will detect the presence of the file and begin encoding it automatically.

To Set Up a Watch Folder

1. click the "Watch Folder" option in the Input Options window and select a folder or create a new folder in a location your computer has read and write access to then click, 'OK.'

2. You will notice it gets added to the Job Window just like a normal source file.
*When you first create a Watch Folder, Squeeze automatically creates the following sub-folders within the Watch Folder to help organize your work:
  • CompletedSource folder: If the entire encoding and publishing process is successful and no errors occur, Squeeze moves the source file from the Watch Folder to this subfolder.
  • CompressedOutput folder: When the encoding job is complete, the resultant output file is saved to this sub-folder by default.
  • FailedSource folder: If, for any reason, Squeeze cannot open or encode your source file, the source file is automatically moved to this folder. Note: This folder will not be created if there are no failed sources.
3. After you've added a Watch Folder to the Job Window applying Presets, Filters, Publishing Options, and Notifications to the Job.

4. Click the 'SqueezeIt!' button to have Squeeze begin "watching" your folder.

5. Add audio or video files to the watch folder.

6. Squeeze will notice a new file in the watch folder. The first file will be imported, your presets and options added, and the output file will begin to be encoded. When finished your output file will be parsed to the Completed Source Folder. If there are any more files in the watch folder this process will be repeated until all files have been encoded.

Tip: You can have multiple watch folders being monitored at one time. This is great if you have different projects with different presets and options you wish to apply.

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