Server API - Update Preset from Stream

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:23PM PST
Updates an existing preset (will create a new preset if not found) with new preset data.

Base URI /api/presets/{name}/
Protocol HTTP
Response Formats XML, JSON
Help URL /api/presets/help/operations/UpdatePresetFromStream
Authentication If authentication is enabled, caller must be in the SqueezeServerAdmin or
SqueezeServerLibrarian roles

Common Parameters
Name Required Description
Name Yes The name or unique id for the preset to update. The Preset’s Unique ID is preferred.

Request Data Fields
The request body is a byte-stream consisting of the XML preset data.

Response Data Fields
Name Data Type Required Description
PresetInfo Element Yes Container for the preset information (XML)
Created DateTime Yes Date the preset was created (GMT)
Description String Yes The description pulled from the preset data, if any
Extension String Yes The default file extension the preset will produce (ie: mov,
flv, mp4). Note that a preset may produce a different file
type in some cases.
Id Guid Private Unique ID for the new preset
Modified DateTime Yes The date and time the preset was last modified
Name String Yes The preset name extracted from the preset XML data
Published Boolean Yes Indicates if the preset is published (publicly available) or
not published (not publicly available)
Uri String Yes The URL for the preset. Squeeze Server and other clients
can request the preset data with this URL
Workflow String Yes The workflow string for the preset. Extracted from the
preset data if present

Example cURL call:
curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "x-Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=" -H "Content-Type:
text/plain" -X PUT --data "<!DOCTYPE squeeze_audience><Output DefaultName=\"MXF_DNxHD_1455.spfx\"
Description=\"Update Test\" FavWorkflow=\"\" Id=\"82629120\" IsLite=\"False\" IsMBR=\"False\"
Name=\" Preset_Name_Update_Preset\" OutputFormat=\"MXFOutputFormat\" SubOutputFormat=\"OP-Atom\"
UsingCustomFilter=\"True\" Version=\"6.0\"
Workflow=\"Editing\DNxHD\"><CanBeResetToDefaultSet tings Value=\"True\"/><FileName
Value=\"\"/><VideoFileName Value=\"\"/><AudioFileName Value=\"\"/><UsingCustomFileName
Value=\"False\"/><OutputExt Value=\"\"/><OutputAudExt Value=\"\"/><OutputPrefix
Value=\"\"/><OutputSuffix Value=\"\"/><UsePrefix Value=\"True\"/><UseSuffix
Value=\"True\"/><Status Value=\"Ready\"/><EncodeVideo Value=\"True\"/><EncodeAudio
Value=\"True\"/><UsePreFilter Value=\"True\"/><UsePlaybackConfiguration
Value=\"False\"/><UseFilesizeConstraint Value=\"False\"/><FileSizeConstraint
Value=\"0\"/><InOutPointsLocallyAssigned Value=\"False\"/><InOutPointsEnable
Value=\"False\"/><Filter Name=\"Custom\"><FilterSetting Name=\"Crop\"><AspectRatio
Value=\"Unconstrained\"/><FloatRatio Value=\"0.000000000000e+00\"/><Top Value=\"0\"/><Bottom
Value=\"0\"/><Left Value=\"0\"/><Right
codec=\"AVIDLPCM\"><DataRate Value=\"6144000\"/><SampleRate Value=\"48000\"/><SampleSize
Value=\"16\"/><ChannelMode Value=\"ChannelMode7_1\"/><SubOutputFormat
or codec=\"AVIDVC3 \"><DataRate Value=\"145000000\"/><FrameRate Value=\"29.97\"/><OutputSize
Height=\"1080\" Width=\"1920\"/><LetterBoxOrPillarEnable Value=\"True\"/><BitRateMode
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