Server API - Get Watch Folder

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:23PM PST
Get information about a watch folder selected by the watch folder’s unique ID.
Base URI / /api/watchfolders/{folderId}/
Protocol HTTP
Response Formats XML, JSON
Help URL /api/watchfolders/help/operations/GetWatchFolder

Common Parameters
Name Required Description
folderId Yes Unique ID for the watch folder to retrieve.

Request Data Fields

Response Data Fields
Name DataType Required Description
Name DataType Required Description
WatchFolderGetInfo Element No Container for an individual watch folder (XML)
DeepScan Boolean No Scan the watch folder and sub folders
if true (default). If false, sub folders are
not scanned.
Enabled Boolean Yes If true, the watch folder is available for
server processing. If false, the watch
folder will not be processed
Name String Yes Name given to the watch folder
QueueId Guid Yes Queue that jobs will be assigned to
when created
CurrentScanServerId Guid No If supplied, the watch folder is currently
being scanned by the server indicated
by the ID
CurrentScanServerStart DateTime No If supplied, this is the time (GMT) that
the current scan was started.
LastScanEnd DateTime No If supplied, this is the time (GMT) that
the last scan completed
LastScanNewestFileTimeTicks Long No Time in ticks of the newest file found n
the last scan that found files
LastScanNumberJobsCreated Int No Number of jobs that were created the
last time the folder was scanned and
created jobs
LastScanOldestFileTimeTicks Long No Time in ticks of the oldest file found in
the last scan that found files
LastScanServerName String No Name of the server that last scanned
the watch folder
LastScanStart DateTime No If supplied, the time the last watch
folder scan started
Message String No Any additional information message
generated by the server when
scanning the watch folder
WatchFolderId Guid Yes Unique ID for the watch folder
Created DateTime No Private-- supplied automatically
JobMediaInfo Element Yes Container for presets, sources, and
destinations associated with the watch
folder. See JobMediaInfo

Example cURL call:
curl –H “Accetp: application/xml” –H “x-Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4” –X GET
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
Invalid characters found