Format Presets Overview

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014 10:53AM PDT
Presets in Squeeze are groups of settings which control how your video is converted and compressed, and effect everything from the final video quality to file size. See also Constraining File Size.

Presets can be thought of time saving "recipes" you can apply repeatedly to your encoding jobs. You can choose a default preset made by our encoding experts, or create your own by copying and editing the default settings (or make them from scratch by clicking the [+] button in the Audience Presets window).

The Audience Presets menu at the top of the program window enables you to create new Presets, import existing Presets, export favorite Presets, and apply Presets to the Job Window. Menu commands available include:

* Apply: Applies the currently selected preset to the Job window.
* Create: Allows you to create and customize a new preset.
* Import: Enables you to import a preset.
* Export: Enables you to export and save an existing preset.
* Get More Presets: Opens your Web browser to the new Squeeze Preset Exchange where additional presets can be downloaded and installed.

To Apply a Preset to an Encoding Job

1. Locate the Preset you wish to use from the Audience Preset Window and select it.

2a.  Click the Apply button at the bottom of the Preset Window. 

2b. Or, drag and drop the preset from the Preset Window to the Job window.

This applies the selected preset to the highlighted job or source file in the Job window.

Note: You may delete presets from the job or your source file at any time by highlighting the preset in the Jobs window and pressing the "Delete" key.

In addition to the presets included with Squeeze, you can download and install new presets from the online Squeeze Preset Exchange at or this page of Popular and Customized Presets

This video will give you a brief overview of the preset settings pane.

Using Presets

Presets with Squeeze 9
Types of Presets

Presets are organized into tabs in the Audience Presets window.

The preset categories in the Workflow tab include the following:
Devices: Contains Presets designed specifically for creating video to watch on specific devices, such as mobile phones and gaming systems.
Discs: Contains Presets designed for output to optical discs such as DVD and Blu-ray.
Editing: Contains Presets for creating videos that are compatible with popular non-linear editing applications like Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro.
Favorites: An (initially) empty tab that can be used to save the presets you use on a regular basis. You can add presets to the Favorites tab by selecting a preset from any of the other tabs and then clicking clicking the [+] button at the bottom of the Preset Window.
Web: Contains presets created specifically to optimize video for delivery via the Internet.
My Favorites: Contains presets you have created and/or have added to your Favorites folder by right-clicking a preset and choosing "Add to Favorites"

Presets organized by file format. If you prefer to choose a specific output format (regardless of destination or device), you may prefer to choose your format preset from this tab.
Note: The quality of your original video file greatly affects the final quality of your output. Increasing the bit rate or frame size of a low-resolution video will not improve the final product during the encoding process. Just like a photocopy, the output file can only be as good as the original.
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