Server API - Source Media

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:26PM PST
SourceMedia is an element that contains data describing the source media for a Job or Watch Folder.
Name Type Required Description
SourceMedia Element Yes Root element of a SourceMedia record
Created DateTime No System-supplied date and time (GMT) when the source record was created
CredentialId Guid No ID of stored credentials, if needed to access the source media
FileName String Yes if source is part of a job.
No if source is a watch folder
File name to encode, or if a watch folder, may be an S3 artificial folder prefix or empty
FileSize Long No Optional but recommended file size of the source file in bytes
FileUri String No URI with protocol file://, http://, sftp://, s3://, azureblob:// or ftp://, to the file or location for a set of files for watch folders
JobId Guid No Unique ID for the job with which the source is associated, or empty for watch folders
Modified DateTime No System-supplied date and time (GMT) the source record was last modified
Password String No Password if required and not using CredentialId to access the source media
S3bucketName String Obsolete Name of the S3 bucket for the source if using S3
SourceId Guid No System-supplied unique ID for the source record.
Type Enumerated String Obsolete May be “S3” or “URI”
UserName String No Username if required and not using CredentialId to access the source media.
WatchFolderId Guid No Unique ID of the watch folder with which the source is associated or empty if not associated with a watch folder
WatermarkInfo Element No Container for watermark source image file information
WatermarkImageUri String No URI to the watermark image used if a preset contains watermark information. The image source location should be the same URI scheme as the source file and will use the same credentials or username/password as the source media file. This image will replace the image in any watermark preset in the job or watch folder and will have no effect for presets that do not contain the watermark filter.
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