Deactivating Squeeze

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2014 10:43AM PDT
When you would like to install Squeeze on another computer you must first deactivate your current installation of Squeeze.

If you can open Squeeze, you can deactivate it yourself by going to the Help menu, and clicking 'Deactivate Squeeze...'

You will then get a warning message like this:

If you choose "Continue: Deactivate" you will then see a message stating "Your copy of Squeeze has been successfully deactivated." You will now be able to reinstall and activate on another machine.

You may also get an error message that looks like this:

This error message indicates that your computer was not able to receive a reply from our activation server. It is possible our server was able to get your request to deactivate but was just not able to reply, so this does not necessarily mean your request to deactivate wasn't completed. If you get an error when trying to activate Squeeze on another machine this will indicate that your request was not received by our server and you will need to contact us to deactivate.

Once Squeeze is deactivated you will be able to reinstall and activate on another machine.

If you cannot access Squeeze you can contact us and we will deactivate for you. Please include your name, serial key, and the email used when activating.
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