Squeeze Desktop Filters

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014 11:21AM PDT
Using Filters

Filters with Squeeze 9

Filters Overview
Squeeze includes many video and audio filters which you can apply to your source files. Make changes to your source video such as hue, contrast, interlacing, and orientation.

Filter Sets
Squeeze includes several default filter sets which combine several individual filters into one filter set which you can then apply to your video files.You can create your own custom filter sets, save them, and then add them to a Preset or directly apply them to your video source files.

Watermark Filter
You can add a watermark image to your output file by using the Watermark filter in Squeeze.

Deinterlace Filter
Many videos use interlacing to conserve data when rendering a video. Some types of video do not support this option or it may not be the preferred option to deliver your video. In Squeeze you can use the deinterlacing filter to transcode your interlaced video into a progressive output file.

Blur, Brightness, and Contrast Filters

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