Managed API - Get Publishing Destination

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014 03:19PM PST
Use this method to retrieve information for a specific publishing destination stored in your Squeeze Server account.

Method: GET

Path: /publishing_destinations/:publishing_destination_id


Date: date

Authorization: <account_id>:<token>

Header Values:
  • publishing_destination_id: The unique identifier of the publishing destination
Required Parameters: n/a

Optional Parameters: n/a

The following values will be returned by the server:
  • id: The unique identifier for the publishing destination
  • service: A text field that describes the publishing destination; possible values include s3, limelight, akamai, ftp, sftp
  • service_uri: The URI to the service (e.g.; not needed if service is set to "s3"
  • service_port: The port to connect to for the service
  • username: The username needed for logging into the service
  • name: A user-defined name for the publishing destination
  • account_id: The ID of the account with which the publishing destination is associated
CURL Request Format:
curl -s -i<publishing_destination_id> -u <account_id>:<token>
Sample JSON Response: {
"id": "1a123456-c0f7-12df-3fbd-12334567e123",
"service": "ftp",
"service_uri": "",
"service_port": "21",
"username": "david",
"name": "CDN",
"account_id": "6cf5da01-c433-417d"
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